Cyber Oculus was originally the vision of two individuals, Todd Reser and Paul Laska. This idea of a company was forged in their minds in early 1992. Their vision was to create a software company that produces original video games that are paralleled by none and bring enjoyment to the world, so you can come home from a harsh day, kick you shoes off, and immerse yourself in a game that is so enjoyable to you that you will lose track of time.

Paul and Todd have been programming together since 1986, and have programmed on a variety of platforms and operating systems. The Platforms include early systems like TI99/4A, Apple ][e, ][c, IBM 8086, 8088 to more advanced computers like 286, 386, Pentium, Pentium ][, and including workstations such as Sun Sparc Classic, SGI Indigo, and Avion.

Some of the programming languages Cyber Oculus uses are 8088 Assembler, MIPS Assembler, Motorola Assembler, Sparc Assembler, Basic, C/C++, Java, Lisp, Modula 2, Pascal, Perl, Prolog, Visual Basic, and Visual C/C++.

Having worked with so many different platforms and languages, naturally they have also learned numerous scripting languages like Batch, HTML, Java Script, Shell script and VB Script. As well they have used numerous application programs such as 3d Animation Studio, Adobe Photo Shop, Animator Pro, The GIMP, and even developed some of their own propriatary software since the current software on the market did not fufill their needs.

The lastest works in progress include work with Direct X 6, Open GL, and Active Server Pages. Cyber Oculus is currently working on numerous web sites with clients and developing custom cgi scripts for their sites. There are more games that are currently being worked on to add to this web site.

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